Are you thinking of training as an eyelash technician?

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BenORose can offer onsite training for all your business needs.

BenORose can assist you in reaching your goals to become an established high-quality lash technician. To get high quality Russian Volume Training, send us your details and we’ll be in touch.

Our exclusive eyelash training is held at our Portadown location, onsite training is available on request and booking. So, if you’re serious about upping your eyelash game then our Classic and Russian Volume Lash Training is for you.

Our lash training is always updated and reviewed to make sure you are getting the newest techniques and tips from our experts. Drop us your details and we can get a chat about your requirements.

What’s included:

Why choose BenORose?

BenORose is the only eyelash extension range that includes 8 lengths, 3 different thickness and 2 different curls giving you the ultimate variety to better suit your clients. BenORose is made by eyelash technicians for eyelash technicians so they are super easy to work with . Therefore, you’ll be able to fit more clients in and earn more per day.

The biggest and more important reason why you should choose BenORose is the quality, we believe there’s no other product that matches our quality. All our lashes are Vegan friendly and are the closest thing to real mink eyelashes on the market.

BenORose will also give you a competitive edge over any of your local competitors!

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